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Upload fails at 90% seems to be a reoccurring problem

jairoso 7 months ago updated by Simon Herrenschmidt 3 weeks ago 16

Uploads are failing.  Not all the time just most of the time. 


MakePrintable development suggestions

Peter Martin 2 years ago updated by Yara Toubassi 6 months ago 3

Some suggestions for the fix & feature list: 

- I like hollowing, but a option for ensuring solid fill for single wall hollow models would be nice. (mechanical)
- I think the close holes feature needs refinement especially for small scale part minimum of 2mm is too big, something closer to .25mm would be helpful to close unintentional gaps but keep a .5
- Better camera/perspective control of the viewspace.  Many times I couldn't locate my part without reset scale or such.
- Better docs explaining the methods and settings so we do not have to guess the results.
Some things apparent to the devs are not clear to users for instance settings for "General, Artistic, Mechanical" are these presets for default values or does it influence geometry in addition to settings.  
- For adding smoothing, I resort to increasing polys.  While ok, this may be an opportunity for feature development and improved control... masking would be super neat.


a way to change from monthly plan to pay per download?

tradfri K 7 months ago updated by Yara Toubassi 5 months ago 1


is there a way to change from monthly plan to "pay per download"? I looked and looked and couldn't find how to do so. 

Or do i must delete my account...

Thx for an answer


Unsupported File Format

René le Grand 1 month ago updated by forlornhopesoldiers 6 days ago 6

Since yesterday, all .stl files I upload get this answer. Please support quickly....


Status is "fixing", but no further timeline given

Scott Janousek 2 months ago updated by faisal 2 months ago 2

When repairing a model, the status is "fixing". There is no metric to gauge how fair along the process is. Would be nice if it had a %, or possibly a substatus to indiciate if the job is actually making progress, or stuck on a bug?


Print - upload stuck at 80% for first time user in Chrome

claytonwhite 8 months ago updated by Yara Toubassi 6 months ago 1

Repair stuck at 90% for model with textures

Daniel Gramsch 9 months ago updated by anonymous 4 months ago 7

Hi there, I have a model with textures that doesn't go beyond 90% on any repair setting but works fine without the textures. The repair interface shows the textures correctly, though. The repairing process won't stop and I don't get any sort of report on what may be wrong (just the status "failed" when I look under "my models"). What may be the case with the model/texture? Thanks in advance!

Under review

No response

Nicky Smith 1 year ago updated by Christopher L. 7 months ago 2

I have submitted two tickets and received no response whatsoever. After I repair parts in makeprintable, Flashprint (Flashforge slicer) reports a load failed.

Under review

Creating a Convert workflow doesn't work

1 year ago updated by Ivan J. 6 months ago 2

It says to drag the operations into the main screen, but you can't do that. What gives?!

Under review

model positioning for repair preview

Micky Hynes 1 year ago updated by Yara Toubassi 6 months ago 4

HI All, how do you guys have your models straight up and down? i use the rotate function then do repairs but both models in the before and after windows are both positioned wrong. TY

anonymous 1 year ago

Hi Micky,

Sorry for the late reply!

Can you post a picture?