gcode files not compatible with Flashforge Finder

Curtis Nguyen 2 years ago updated by ximeg61101 3 months ago 2

The Flashforge Finder uses the .g and .gx extension for files.  I've read that these are just different extensions version of .gcode.  I have tried changing the extension of makeprintable's gcode file to .g or .gx, but the printer says there is a file error.  Can you help me?

Hi Curtis,

The only G-code file format we offer at this moment is .gcode. We may support other G-code file formats in the future. Try downloading your files as an STL or OBJ and slice on slicer that supports .g file format.

Thank you,


You can open ninjaessays review file format here and I am sure you will not face any such issue that you mentioned. So hurry up and go visit the site, it would resolve your issue.