Fixed model won't slice in Cura 3.2.0

2 years ago updated by Yara Toubassi 10 months ago 4

A fixed model won't finish slicing in Cura 3.2.0, however the original model slices quickly.


Thank you very much for detecting this bug.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Can you send me the file with this issue at Faisal@makeprintable.com? Our QA team want to test it out.

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Hi Faisal and team. I forgot I opened this ticket, so we can close it, however it took several hours after downloading the fixed model from makeprintable for it to be sliced. I was however trying to print the entire model at once, not broken apart as it should be. I also had support and experimental tree branch support enabled along with adaptive layers, so that probably had something to do with it. Coincidentally, the fixed model only printed. When I printed my model only the base printed for some reason.

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Please send us the file on this email :yara@mxd3d.com so we can know what went wrong.

If you need any assistance never hesitate to contact us,
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