Repair is worse than the damage!

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I've tried to repair a file, only because my Preform software always repairs it and its time consuming. I had hoped this service could repair what Preform thinks is wrong but Makeprintable just damages it to where I can actually see the damage. The odd thing, Preform is happy now.

I tried fine tuning the repair to high resolution, up from low which did the same thing. I incorrectly attributed the artifacts to being the low resolution but not so.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

The way our software works is by reconstructing the model from the ground up making it printable. 

This will look fine on most printers and you won't notice any difference since they are not capable of printing in high resolution. In this picture the fixed model looks rough but if you print it. It won't be as bad as it looks in the picture. 

We have an SLA printer in our office and we have been testing files fixed using our software. We always find a difference in the quality of whats on screen and whats printed. 

We are developing an Ultra resolution option. Let me know if you are interested in being part of the beta :) 

Thank you,


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