Repaired model not really printable

Jamie Simpson 2 years ago updated by Peter Martin 2 years ago 1

So i repaired my model created using Adobe Fuse which was largely unprintable, and after the repair, it looked very good

I imported the model into my Simplify3D software, and adjusted settings for high resolution printing on my FlashForge Creator Pro.

After printing, it came out with a really strange anomaly that I cannot seem to explain.  After first print, I assumed it was a problem with the printer itself and perhaps the filiment got snagged when feeding the printer.  Here's the issue:

Thinking it was my printer, I printed it again and got the same result.

I started taking a closer look at the model in Simplify3D - and in the editor, it does look good, and the model is complete - those gaps/lines in the top half of the print does not exist

However, when I generate the gcode and view it in the preview - the gaps are present:

So, i'm trying to understand if this is something that is a result of the repaired model, or if it's an issue with the Simply3D software when generating the print code?

Hi Jamie,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having some issues printing your model.

May I ask you to send me the file in order to examine it to see what exactly went wrong? You can send it directly to my email faisal@mxd3d.com

Thank you,