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Peter Martin 2 years ago updated by Angel20 2 months ago 5

Some suggestions for the fix & feature list: 

- I like hollowing, but a option for ensuring solid fill for single wall hollow models would be nice. (mechanical)
- I think the close holes feature needs refinement especially for small scale part minimum of 2mm is too big, something closer to .25mm would be helpful to close unintentional gaps but keep a .5
- Better camera/perspective control of the viewspace.  Many times I couldn't locate my part without reset scale or such.
- Better docs explaining the methods and settings so we do not have to guess the results.
Some things apparent to the devs are not clear to users for instance settings for "General, Artistic, Mechanical" are these presets for default values or does it influence geometry in addition to settings.  
- For adding smoothing, I resort to increasing polys.  While ok, this may be an opportunity for feature development and improved control... masking would be super neat.


Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for the feedback we really appreciate it. Your suggestions are fantastic I will send all the feedback you mentioned to our product team and they will add it to our backlog. 

Please note that while we don't have a public road map for when a change will be released, I would recommend keeping an eye on our Blog any changes we do will be released as release notes blog.

All the best,




It would be nice if it were possible to create Subfolders to "MyModels", as it is quite a pain to navigate back to older models still on the server if you have many models.I have mor than 100 models and it takes forever to navigate to the older ones.

Subfolders would enable users to sort their stuff according to themes or year or creation or whatever. Even premade subfolders that you can only rename would do.


It would be nice if it were possible to delete any repairs that did not really work out. Why? Because, after some months, you will not remember anymore which repair was the one that satisfied your needs in the end.


If would also be good if you could rescale repairs after being through the entire process.


We really appreciate these amazing suggestions, I will be forwarding these notes to the tech team. We will always try to enhance the website to meet your expectations.

If you need any assistance in the future never hesitate to contact me,
Have a good day!

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