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Gcode Reverser not working

2 years ago updated by Shawn Carter 2 months ago 13

I am trying to use the gcode reverser but the tool includes the movement commands so I am getting the space between the origin and the the model included. The model is completely unusable as a result. Is there any way to get he gcode reversed properly?

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Sorry to hear that. Our G-code reverser is currently in the beta phase. May I ask you to send me the file to try to fix it?

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Of course. Here is the gcode file

We checked the file in Cura to validate the result, and it looks like the result Kindly find the downloaded link:


Thanks for that. Looks better in some ways as the general shape is correct and it doesn't have that giant tail as you can see above, but the part is still very fractured  and layered strangely. Weirdly, this was not the problem the first time I tried above.
I do appreciate this is beta software of course.

Hello, I've got exactly the same problem. Is there a way to arrange my workflow so that this doesn't happen?

this is the result i get gcode modified

and this is my original file gcode source

We've checked your file on multiple slicers, and it seems like something is wrong with it as it is not loaded as a selectable on Cura. I'm sorry but we can't help you with this file unless you have a different version of it.

Hi there, I encountered the same problem. Here is my original gcode, UM2_stepstress_stageadapter_35mm_integrat....gcode. The reversed file also has the giant tail attached to it. 

We apologize for being late, Kindly find the attached file gcode_fixed (1).zip

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im having the same issue with the distorted stl/obj with the long tail is there a fix for this issue yet?