Can't repair correctly

Jimmy Marchetto 1 year ago updated by lofbazuin 3 months ago 3

Hello everyone.

I am new here as in the world of 3D printing.

I have a problem with a file downloaded on Thingiverse. When I use my Slicer (Cura), the walls seem too thin to be printed and they are replaced by supports.
I tried several repairs on this site, but the result is not convincing (always a lot of supports generated). Can any of you help me please ?

Thank you so much!


Hello there, Thanks for reaching out to us, 

I sent your problem to the technical team to check the file and the problem overall.

I will send you once the problem solved,  

Thank you.


Hello Jimmy, 
Sorry for the late response. 

The model has two holes, do you want to keep them or close them? The model is open and needs support because of these holes. If you want to close them just use the closing holes slider.

Please check the attached fixed model.

Please let us know if you faced any other problems. 
Thank you, 

fixed (1).obj

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