Status is "fixing", but no further timeline given

Scott Janousek 9 miesięcy temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez faisal 9 miesięcy temu 2

When repairing a model, the status is "fixing". There is no metric to gauge how fair along the process is. Would be nice if it had a %, or possibly a substatus to indiciate if the job is actually making progress, or stuck on a bug?

2 models were stuck on fixing yesterday, process was on "initializing repair" for atleast 1 hour when i checked,now 12 orso hours later it is failed. I have the feeling something is bugged. Started a model again now and looks like the same thing is happening

We are sorry to hear that. If a model was stuck for more than 2 hours this means that it's entered a loop and it might keep loading for a while until the error message appears. This is a bug we are working on solving. we apologize for the inconvenience.