worst CS ever

spiderrogue3 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 6
man, if you want a refund cause they messed up, forget it...if they want your money, they will keep trying to charge your CC until they get it..weird..
please close my acct and refund my money..ive sent 4 emails last week and said what was going on..no replies..prob wont get one here either...



We are very very sorry about the lack of communication. We missed your ticket for some reason. We will upgrade your account to the Plus plan for free for 1 month as an apology for the late response and we will refund you the full amount. Can you send me your account details here: Faisal@mxd3d.com 

i sent you an email yesterday..thanks!

still waiting to hear back fro you 

I am very very sorry but I didn't seem to get your email. Can resend it or just give me your email and I will reach out to you (If that is ok with you of course) 

i replied to the last email i got frm you with my email

can i post it here or is this out in the open?